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Henan Huatai Palm Fruit Sterilizer Sent To Thailand


Recently, our company vertical sterilizer have shipped to Thailand, it is the one key machine of palm oil production line ,capacity is 60 T/H.This is the big breakthrough for henan huatai in the fields of palm fruit deep processing,  because China has no palm fruit, China for palm fruit processing technology is not skilled,  but our engineer transformed the traditional sterilizer and crusher according to many years of experience and exquisite technology,  has been patented. the preprocessing part of Palm fruit deep processing for the production line is the key, which sterilizer's role is irreplaceable.

Our sterilizer break free from conventions, 4 meters in diameter, it is the newest, and with the method of the ground at the bottom of the dragon pushing, solved difficult problems about the general vertical sterilizer discharge , improve the production efficiency. the interior of the sterilizer are all made of stainless steel plate,  ensure the quality of the palm oil, prolong the service life of sterilizer, solve the problem of the material of acid corrosion for sterilizer.Sterilizer door adopts hydraulic automatic revolving locking method, does not need manual operation, ensure the staff's personal safety under the high pressure environment ,and sterilizer pipe adopts comprehensive air intake system, leave no dead Angle, ensure the material effect of kill yeast, laid the foundation for the following section, to ensure the palm kernel nuclear separation effect.

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