• Teaseeds Cake Extraction Equipment
  • Teaseeds Cake Extraction Equipment
  • Teaseeds Cake Extraction Equipment
Teaseeds Cake Extraction Equipment

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Teaseeds Cake Extraction Equipment has these following characteristics: 1. Big moisture difference, complex contents. 2. Too much straw, easy to float when cooking. 3. Easy to clot, hard to fall down, affecting continuous production, cooking and discharging, 4. Too much load for buried scraper conveyor, chain is easy to break. 5. Low oil rate in cake, strict requirements in moisture.
According to these characteristics, we have designed the best scheme specially for the extraction of tea seed, the equipment runs stable and reliable. We use special desolventizer-toaster for tea seed cake, and conveying equipment adopts mining machinery chain, with twice lifetime as ordinary chain.
Processing capacity: 30-500T/D
Application range: oil tea cake, tea seed cake


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