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The rice bran oil production in Thailand


Thailand has a 5000-year rice planting history with great potential production of rice bran oil. Rice, as the major economic crop in Thailand, grow and harvest. Thailand is famous for its aromatic rice which do well out of its cool climate and rich sunshine. The annual output of rice is substantial and able to meet the current rice bran oil industry. Annually, there are 800 thousand rice bran can be used for oil making and 640 thousand defatted rice bran for animal feed. The rice bran oil in Thailand is exported to about 40 countries, total value is THB 2 billion. The by-product of rice bran oil refining are was, defatted rice flour, protein, lecithin and fatty acid, which value 30 million THB.

As the biggest rice bran planting country, China has great potential for rice bran oil production and about 91% to be developed. If anyone want to start rice bran oil, China not only have rich raw material but also experienced rice bran oil making machine. Huatai Oil Machinery is the oil equipment manufacture. We have the patent on rice bran oil making technology. If you need buy new oil press, solvent extractor or renew your old plant, we can provide you good product with factory price. Welcome to contact us!