Mustard Oil production

Mustard oil, one of the traditionally valued vegetable oils, has vast health benefits. It is extracted from pure mustard seeds and characterized by its strong smell and pungent taste. Mustard oil is widely used in external body, hair revitalization, and cooking., especially in India and Bangladesh. Mustard oil extraction process refers to the removal of oil from mustard seeds. The most cost-effective and widely used method for the mustard oil manufacturing process is mechanical extraction by oil processing machines. The most cost-effective and efficient oil mill machine for mustard oil making is the oil press machine. The extracted mustard oil can then be purified by filtering and even refining processes.

Mustard Oil Processing Flow
Mustard Oil Production Line

Production Process

The process of pressing rapeseed into rapeseed oil mainly includes cleaning, shelling, crushing, embryo pressing, steaming, frying and pressing.

Mustard Oil Production Video

Mustard oil press line

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