Depending on the type of oilseed, we need to use diferent methods of oil press: 0il press is divided into pre-pressing and pressing (cold pressing, hotpressing).Here we mainly introduce oil pre-press section.

Oi Pre-pressing can extract about 70% of the oilin the oilseeds (the oil content ofthe extracted cake/meal is required to be less than 20%). Whethelpre-pressing is required is related to the oil content of the oil seeds.

1. Oil Pre-press: oil content 220%
    Oil seeds: sunflower seeds,peanuts,rapeseed, cottonseed, etc

2. Oil Solvent extraction: oil content
    Oil seeds: soybeans, rice bran, etc.

The related eguipment for Oil Pre-pressed: mainly oil press (palm fruit oil press is diferent from conventional oil presses)

Oil pre-pressing technology is a traditional processing technology for high oil content. Our pre-pressing technology has thefollowing advantages:

  • Able to process a variety of oils: peanuts, rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower seeds, and sesame, etc;
  • According to customers' requirements, the expansion process can be used to save energy and obtain high-quality oil;
  • Multi-stage fltration for pre-pressed oil;
  • Strong adaptability to raw material quality.

Pretreatment Equipment

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