Complete set of oil pretreatment solutions

Pretreatment Process

The 2000T/D soybean pretreatment project.

The 2000T/D soybean pretreatment project

The 2000T/D soybean pretreatment project

soybean pretreatment process

Technical Advantages

The technical advantages of Huatai complete set of pretreatment project.

  • There are few conveying equipment, and the elevator and auger are used as little as possible, and the scraper conveyor is used to reduce the failure rate and have a long service life.

  • The workshop adopts a noise reduction design with low noise, laser cutting, precise and intelligent manufacturing, and is well-equipped.

  • The material impact part adopts a wear-resistant design and has a long service life.

Pretreatment Process Technical Advantages
  • The design of the dust removal system is reasonable, the whole system is in a slightly negative pressure state, and the discharged gas meets the national environmental protection requirements.

  • Some equipment adopts frequency conversion regulation to reduce power consumption, reasonable power configuration, and low power consumption.

  • The degree of automatic control is high, and the man-machine interface is scientific and reasonable.

Processing Output

The capacity of Huatai full automatic pretreatment equipment.

Parameter Comparison

Comparison of 2000 tons of soybean pretreatment parameters in the same industry.

Parameter comparison

Indicator Advantages

Advantages of Huatai pretreatment indicators.

  • Less steam
  • Low acid value
  • Low fiber
Indicator Advantages
  • Low power
  • Low moisture
  • Low impurity

Pretreatment Machines

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