Palm Oil Production Line

Oil palm is the most economically valuable oil-producing plant in the world, It is widely cultivated in tropical Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. Huatai Oil Machinery is a professional oil mill plant machine manufacturer. With more than 36 years of experience in the oil extraction and refinery field, We can provide turnkey palm oil processing plant solutions from plant layout design, machinery manufacturing, onsite debugging, and installation. Our palm fruit oil processing plant capacity ranges from 3tph to 120tph. Welcome to contact us.

Complete palm oil production process in a large-scale palm oil factory. Fresh fruit bunches (FFB) of oil palm after the fruit is harvested, it is processed in a palm oil mill, where the FFB is sterilized, digested, and pressed to extract palm oil. The extracted oil is then clarified and sent to a crude palm oil refinery plant, or fractionation plant.

Palm Oil Production Line

Palm Oil Pressing Process

Craft Flow Of Palm Oil Processing

Craft flow of palm oil processing
Crude palm oil refinery
  • Batch Refinery Plant
  • Semi-continuous
    Refinery Plant
  • Continuous Refinery Plant

Crude Palm Oil Refinery(CPO)

Henan Huatai Machinery provides solutions for complete palm oil production line and crude palm oil refining, including palm oil mill plant layout design, palm oil machinery manufacturing, palm oil press, palm oil refining plant debugging and installation.

The refinery process can be divided into Batch Refinery Plant, Semi-continuous Refinery Plant, and Continuous Refinery Plant. Batch type is the ideal choice for small-sized production (1-20TPD), while the middle-large size production line (20-50TPD), fully continuous refinery line(50-600TPD).


CPO Refining Process

CPO refining process (RBD)mainly includes four steps of degumming, deacidification, bleaching and deodorization. 

Palm oil fractionation plant

Palm Oil Fractionation Plant

Palm oil fractionation plant (1-500tpd)

Heating section: In advance, the refined palm oil needs to be heated to about 60°C to turn the oil into a pure liquid state (crystallization).

Cooling (crystallization and crystal growth section): By adding cooling water, the palm oil is lowered to the specified temperature, so that the solid oil is precipitated as crystals.

Filtration section: The crystallized RBD palm oil is delivered to the membrane filter through a filtration pump. Membrane filters consist of filter plates, filter membranes, and gap plates.

If you want to raise the added value of palm oil products and increase enterprise economic benefit. A palm oil fractionation plant will be a good choice.

Henan Huatai palm oil fractionation plant adopts advanced crystallization equipment, filtration equipment, and accurate temperature auto-control software to separate palm olein and palm stearin which can get different melting-point fractionation products, including 18℃, 24℃, 32℃, etc.


Palm Kernel Oil Processing Machine

Because palm nut shells are hard, if pressed directly without kernel and shell separation, the machine will wear very fast. So we need to palm kernel cracker and separator machine to crack and separate palm nuts more effectively. Just put the palm nuts in the palm nuts cracking and separating machine, then the kernel and shell will flow from two sides.

Palm kernel oil extraction machines include cleaning sieve, stones removal machine, magnetic selection machine, crushing machine, kernel shell separation machine, drying machine, frying machine, pressing machine, crude palm kernel oil filtration machine, and so on. Palm oil /palm kernel oil refining is based on different usage and requirements, utilizing the physical methods and chemical processes to get rid of the harmful impurities and needless substances in the crude palm oil/palm kernel oil, getting standard palm oil/palm kernel oil.

Palm kernel oil processing machine
Huatai Palm Oil Mill Plant Machine

Huatai Palm Oil Mill Plant Machine

Huatai Palm Oil Mill Plant Machine Offers Complete Palm Oil Mill Plant Solutions. In addition, we also provide a professional technical team to design the whole palm oil mill plant and help customers maximize commercial profits by making the most use of the by-products produced during the process of palm oil manufacturing. We can provide a comprehensive and professional turnkey palm oil mill plant project.

Henan Huatai machinery has experienced engineers who can help customers design detailed palm oil production lines, provide installation services and guide the use of machines, truly achieve personalized services, and meet customers' all-around needs for palm oil processing. If you need any palm oil processing machines palm kernel oil processing machines, and palm oil refining machines please contact us.

Palm Oil Production Video

Palm Oil Milling Plant

Huatai oil machinery can provide a whole palm fruit/palm kernel oil production line for you, if you have a lot of palm fruit to process, you can contact with us. We can offer you a whole line of palm oil pretreatment equipment, palm oil extraction machines, and palm oil refinery machines, and build a palm oil turnkey project from A to Z for you. And we sell single machines too, palm fruit oil pressing machines, palm fruit crushing machines, palm fruit oil fraction machines and so on.


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