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If you have already established a business, no matter which market your business is suitable for, we can help you meet your complete production line needs; oil pretreatment and pre-pressing complete production lines; oil leaching complete production lines; oil refining and fractionation complete production lines; high and low temperature soybean protein Projects: cereal engineering, grain engineering, corn grits processing, flour processing feed machinery, biodiesel and other complete production lines.

We are best suited to help established businesses achieve consistent business volumes.

Work with professionalsto provide you with more than 100 sets of high-quality oil processing engineering solutions to meet and exceed the needs of customers/consumers.

You will receive one confirmation email that lets you know that we have received your request. One of our solutions experts will contact you within one business day or less to learn more about your needs and how we can help. No marketing spam, just our team dedicated to you!

*If you are a packaging manufacturer who would like to cooperate with us, please send an email to [email protected]

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