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Henan Huatai Received Down Payment From Uzbekistan Customer


 On June 30, 2015, henan huatai cereals and oils machinery co., LTD received uzbekistan customers down payment successfully, the contract was signed in earlier this month, the main equipment of contract is 50 t/D sunflower/soybean/cottonseed pretreatment workshop ,oil extraction workshop and crude oil refining workshop.

Oil machinery of Henan huatai cereals and oil machinery co., LTD.  has sold at home and abroad, we obtain many patent of  oil machinery, committed to the  innovation and promotion of grain and oil machinery technology, many years of accumulation, created the quiet and spacious production environment,  provides the most convenient production conditions for manufacturing workshop, the coordination and detailed division of labor, let the huatai get highly recognized by our clients in the field of oilseeds pretreatment oil press,oil extraction,oil refinery and biodiesel project.the biggest bright spot design process of the contract is that pretreatment workshop can handle different types of oilseeds, to save the cost and increase the diversity of the refined oil products, create greater profits for for customers.

sunflower oil production linecottonseed oil extraction machine