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Matters needing attention during cottonseed oil extracting process


1. The safe storage of cottonseed.

On account of protection of hull, cottonseed is easy to store. However, the heat and humid can not spread because of its bad heat conduction and high hygroscopicity, which easily cause mildewing. The mildew will make it difficult to decoloration. Therefore, its better to shorten the storage time and strictly control the moisture and check temperature.

Generally, the safe moisture should lower 10%. If temperature of cottonseed exceed 30°C, some measure should be taken immediately.


2. Reducing the hull obtained in cottonseed.

About 40% hull existing cottonseed only obtain 0.5%-1.0% oil and high waxiness, brown pigment and pesticide residue. In addition, it has about 4% short fiber, which will reduce the productive energy and oil output.


3. Steam-cooking with high moisture

   The process of steam and cooking is vital to effect of cottonseed oil refining. It can improve crude oil quality, oil yield and reduce alkali refining loss. So it can not be neglected no matter in extrusion, solvent extraction or traditional pressing.