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Do you know the production and difference of palm oil and palm kernel oil?


 Elaeis is also named oil palm belonging to Palmae as oil-producing plant. It is one of high oil-production oil plant. The kernel and flesh are the materials for cooking oil and toilet soap and left palm fruit fiber and shell are threw away as crap. The palm oil is extracted from the Elaeis Guineensis, oil from fresh is called Palm Oil, oil from kernel is called Palm Kernel Oil. Those two kinds of oil have great differences in component. The palm oil mainly contains C16 and C18, the two ordinary kinds of fatty acid and the degree of saturation is 50%. While the technology of palm kernel oil make it full with C12, the degree of saturation is above 80%. The traditional palm oil just refers to the crude palm oil and refined palm oil, not including palm kernel oil. It has a long history over 5000 years to be as natural food.

Today, the technology of palm fresh and kernel has updated. Huatai, a professional oil making equipment supplier, who specializes the whole process of palm oil making. We can design you the whole factory plan and corollary equipment. So if you have any questions about oil seeds mill solutions, Huatai can help you to find the best answers for you whether they are soya seed, rape seeds, rice bran, sunflower seeds, peanut seeds, corn, cotton seeds.