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Rice Bran Need Extrusion and Removing Broken Rice Before Extracting Rice Bran Oil


 Processed into milled rice from brown rice, at the same time rice bran  get a certain amount of broken rice which is mixed, usually rice bran oil plant did not remove the broken rice, so it caused a lot of troubles for rice bran oil processing.

1, resulting in a waste of resources, and broken rice is the good quality raw material of the wine;
2, the impact of oil extraction process, broken rice contains a lot of starch, when extraction, these starches will enter the mixed oil,affect the effect of desolventizing and sovlent extraction; ;
3, the impact of rice bran oil refining process, if rice bran oil contains starch, in the process of fat hydration or alkali  is easy to emulsify , so that the oilfoot or soap can not be effectively separated from the neutral oil, resulting in the lower refining rate.
With extrusion technology and rice bran oil equipment continues to mature and develop, to be puffed rice bran oil extraction is the trend. Generally wet extrusion process, the use of conditioner rice bran moisture and temperature
were adjusted to an appropriate extent, into the puffing machine for extrusion, used in the production stream conveyors transporting cooling during drying process to ensure compliance with the requirements of temperature and moisture ,while preventing the rice bran
Expanded particles of crushed rice bran oil extraction and for wet meal desolventizing created good conditions.
In order to avoid unnecessary losses and problems, most important job of rice bran pretreatment  is to separate broken rice and rice bran extrusion section.
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