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The difference between crude palm oil and refined palm oil


The so-called palm oil is palm oil obtained after palm-killing equipment, palm fruit-removing machine, palm crushing press equipment, and simple palm filtration equipment. Palm oil refers to pressed palm oil that has not been refined. Its main component is glycerin, a mixture of fatty acids (commonly known as neutral oil); it also contains non-glycerol substances, collectively referred to as impurities.

There are three methods for palm oil refining:
1. Mechanical method: including sedimentation, filtration, centrifugal oil slag separator separation, mainly used to separate mechanical impurities and some peptized impurities suspended in oil;
2. Chemistry Method: mainly includes acid refining, alkali refining, in addition, fatification, oxidation, etc., acid refining is treated with acid, mainly removing pigments and peptized impurities. Alkali refining is treated with alkali, mainly removing free fatty acids, mainly for oxidation. For discoloration.
3. Physical and chemical methods: mainly include hydration, decolorization, steam distillation, etc., hydration mainly removes phospholipids, decolorization mainly removes pigments, and steam distillation is used to remove odorous substances and free fatty acids.

After the oil is processed by the refining equipment, it can reach the national standard and the moisture in the oil. Impurities, acid value and peroxide value all meet the quality standards set by the state, and it is not easy to be rancid and deteriorated, but easy to store, the color is crystal clear, the taste is light, the cooking does not produce a lot of fumes, the flavor is good, the taste is good.