Rice Bran Protein Isolate Machine and Methods

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Rice bran is a cheap and nutrient-rich rice processing by-product. And it is a large-scale renewable resource. Rice bran is rich in nutrients, and the protein content of defatted rice bran can reach 18%. Its a waste of resources for rice bran used as animal feed. Therefore, it is important to seek new protein resources from rice bran and increase the added value of rice bran. Rice bran protein is recognized as a high-quality plant protein.


Huatai rice bran protein machine has won national patent, the patent No. is ZL2009 20089515.8. It can extract the protein from rice bran effectively to meet peoples dietary requirements


Rice bran protein isolate methods:

Folded alkali extraction

The extraction of rice bran protein by alkaline method is the most commonly  method, simple and easy to perform, and the extraction is relatively complete. The protein PER of natural rice bran is 1.6-1.9, and the digestibility is 73%. After extraction with dilute alkali solution, the rice bran protein concentrate PER is 2.0-2.5, and the digestibility can reach 90%.


Folding enzymatic extraction

Enzymatic extraction of rice bran protein has mild reaction conditions, high protein extraction yield, and more preserved protein nutritional value, while avoiding the negative effects of traditional alkaline extraction of rice bran protein. Therefore, enzymatic extraction of rice bran protein for rice bran utilization New approach.


Folding physical extraction

The whole fat or defatted rice bran is colloid milled and homogenized, and the rice bran protein method is extracted by disintegrating the rice bran protein structure by dissolving the rice bran cell structure. After the whole gluten rice is finely pulverized and homogenized, the protein dissolution concentration is increased by 75% compared with the simple aqueous solution extraction rate. The defatted rice bran is physically treated, and the protein dissolution concentration can be increased by 18.7%, and the refining and homogenization can make the dissolution component. Molecular weights vary widely, so it is also feasible to use physical methods to increase the extraction rate of rice bran protein.

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