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The method and purpose of corn peeling machine in corn processing equipment


In recent years, corn processing equipment such as corn peeling machine got rapid development.Although we made corn peeling machine, maize corn peeling machine, corn milling machine, maize processing equipment to know a lot, but don't know about nature.Such as corn peeling machine, we just know the function of it is used to corn peeling,
But do not know corn peeling method, purpose, etc.Below is for you to make a brief introduction:
1, peeling method of corn processing equipment
Corn peeling is divided into two kinds of dry method and wet method.Corn to peeling refers to corn after cleaning, without moisture adjustment process, direct access to the peeling device for peeling, this method is suitable for the high moisture corn (more than 18% moisture content).The corn cleaning, and the water vapor to adjust process after peeling, said wet peeling.
This approach in corn processing (especially with embryo system) used more common, especially the processing of low moisture corn (moisture less than 15%), must adopt wet peeling, otherwise serious impact peeling efficiency and embryo series.
2, peeling purpose of corn processing equipment
Corn germ and maize endosperm is wrapped by the cortex, peeling, facilitate the separation of embryo and endosperm, can improve the efficiency of degerming.Corn seed peel off for the most part, less rubber production of corn, high product quality;Corn husks, possibly contaminated with harmful substances, peeling after grinding, to improve the purity of the product;Can be used to produce a variety of food, corn peeling can improve the edible quality of flour.
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