Peanut Oil Extraction Process Technology

Technology News 2015-12-10 14:24:30
(1) clean and dry of peanut: peanut unavoidably with some impurities.If you don't clear peanut kernels in the midst of the earth and stem leaf of sundry, they not only affect the quality of oil and cake, and will be part of the adsorption grease, reduce the yield efficiency.If the catsup with sand, metal, hemp rope and other sundry, more will cause wear parts, etc., induce production accident, influence the process effect.Therefore, in order to ensure production run smoothly, we must try to remove impurities, individual high water content of kernels, easy to shell, dry processing is also very necessary.Clean up a lot of methods, specific according to the situation of impurities by different methods.If light contains impurities, such as grass, leaf, can adopt the method of air separation, with air blows away the impurities.If the impurity particles is lesser, can choose, to remove impurities.For some similar size, relative density and peanut impurities, if belong to the soil block, can friction in the machine, after reoccupy screening method to remove.If iron impurities, the electromagnet or permanent magnet line separation can be used.Clean up after the impurity content should be in the following.
(2) shelling: before oil peanut shell's aim is to: reduce the shell for oil adsorption, improve the yield efficiency;Can improve the capacity of oil press and reduce the wear and tear for oil equipment;For rolling stock, improve the quality of wool oil;To improve the quality of the cake, which is beneficial to the comprehensive utilization.
(3) heat treatment: heat treatment is one of the most important working procedure in the process of extracting oil.Including the green moist and heating, heat treatment on the production called steamed or Fried,steamed characterize called cooked after fire.Green after all heat treatment by squeezing called hot pressing, without heat treatment known as cold pressing.Peanut is mainly hot pressing.Heat treatment effect is good or bad on the smooth progress of the whole process of making oil yield efficiency and high and low and oil has a direct impact on the quality of seed cake.
(4) press: screw oil press is rural small - with a wide range of a small oil mill, it has simple structure, high pressure, can continuous processing materials, low labor intensity, can process a variety of oilseeds.
peanut oil extraction

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