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Tanzania is committed to promoting edible oil industry


It was reported that Tanzania is facing huge loss in edible oil production. The reason is that their edible oil consumption mainly depends on import. With the increasing oil demands, the edible oil imported last year reaches 294 million dollars.

As TIC shows that annual demands of edible oil are 500 thousand tons, while domestic supply is only 180 thousand tons, which force government imports 320 thousand tons edible oil. It is predicated that annual demand will increase to 700 thousand tons in up-coming 11 years. So government is looking for investors in edible oil industry to help reduce the supply gap and huge importing press.

Tanzania is the second biggest sunflower production country. The common edible oil are peanut oil palm oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, sesame oil, etc.

Building more their own oil factory is necessary for Tanzania and Africa countries. Efficient and cost-effective oil press plant should be imported for vegetable oil making and crude oil refining plant for more good quality oil production.

Huatai Oil Machinery is a professional manufacture who specific on oilseeds processing and oil making plant. Our plant can produce oil in 24 hours and high oil yield. Welcome to consult with us about oilseeds solution and oil factory plan.