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Brief Introduce of Edible oil


 Edible oil is an important and indispensable part of People's Daily diet, and is one of the three major nutrients for supply human body heat energy, and edible oil also is of essential fatty acid for human, an important source of fat-soluble vitamins and phospholipids, can not without oil before the Fried cooked food .

Edible oil has many kinds, in normal room temperature environment, the present liquid called "oil";A solid is called "fat" .According to the source of the oils, edible oils mainly divided into vegetable oil ,animal fats and microbial oil three categories.
Edible oils and fats in food is people indispensable ingredients, oil provides the essential and the essential fatty acid that has not its synthesis and a variety of fat-soluble vitamins, human long-term lack of the material can produce a variety of diseases and harm to health.