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Animal Oil Refining Equipment For Lard


In animal fats, lard is a maximum yield. It is a strong sense of oil, shortening good performance, unique flavor, but perishable produce rancid oil, combined with lard contain cholesterol, so people are more at arm's length. However, if after refining lard through a transesterification reaction, can be made good shortening. Its appearance is good,The surface is not depressed, delicate crystal, shortening of all animal fats in the best performance. This oil is very cold after packaging, can be widely used in household and food industry,
it can also be mixed with other animal and vegetable oils, margarine manufacture. The extremely hydrogenated lard, stearic acid can be obtained, used to make the emulsifier (a saturated fatty acid monoglyceride).Prices of lard Cheaper than butter, the stearic acid content is high.
Henan huatai animal oil refining equipment can process all kinds of animal oil,for examplae,lard,beaf tallow,fish oil,etc.,fully continuous animal oil refining equipment adopt closed model, simple operation, easy maintenance, labor-saving, protecting operator safety, process control system using the buttons cabinet.
animal oil refining equipment