Introduce of Rice Bran Wxa In Rice Bran Oil Extraction Processing

Technology News 2015-11-10 16:38:31
Rice bran bran wax at room temperature in the present state of suspension and in oil, oil temperature rise high are decentralized state to molecules dissolved in oil;When the oil temperature drop below 25 into crystal precipitation.Bran wax does not dissolve in water, acetone, butanone, for some organic solvents, such as hexane, light gasoline, isopropyl alcohol with hot-melt cold analysis characteristics.
Bran wax are natural wax, but it is an industrial masterwork, of its simple and stable.Not like a natural wax such as carnauba wax, wax are very complex, large difference of quality, physical and chemical properties between carnauba wax and wax, and close with carnauba wax, individual performance is better than that of carnauba wax.Its features and colour and lustre is brown hard solid, more refined degree high brown, palm, after bleaching process of orange, light yellow and white.Under the condition of normal temperature relative density 0.97, along with the relative density of the rise of temperature;100 degrees Celsius under liquid is 0.78;Solid bran wax expansion coefficient is 0.0011, 100 degrees Celsius when liquid is 0.00064;Domestic rice bran wax melting point is 78-80 degrees Celsius, second only to the carnauba wax;Japan's high melting point bran wax melting point is 82-83 degrees Celsius, and carnauba wax melting point is;Henan huatai grain and oil machinery co., LTD has achieved many patents in rice bran dewaxing, furfural upward force than the paraffin wax melting point, low melting point of wax wax, lower than the carnauba wax;Bran wax glossiness is good for 1.2 to 1.5 times that of carnauba wax, the higher the degree of refining, the higher the gloss;
Bran wax emulsion can form a stable emulsion, high melting point of bran wax into oil-in-water type emulsifier, HLB of emulsifier to 6-7, low melting point bran wax for 8 to 9;Pure bran wax saponification value of 70-70, the theory of industrial purified bran wax usually is 72-80, the oil content of low melting point more bran wax wax resin molecular weight is small, because itself saponification value is higher.Because bran wax refining method is different, its purity is large, iodine value, acid value, etc have different chemical constants.
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rice bran oil extraction machine

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