The Safety of Oil Refining Processing

Technology News 2015-11-06 16:13:17
 In addition to mechanical friction in the oil refining processing, electrical spark and heating equipment of the fire protection requirements from the previous process is the same, the focus is on fire when using stored chemicals and reagents.
1, according to the technical requirements for mastering operation temperature, time, stirring speed and adding water, flow velocity and concentration of acid, alkali, etc.
2, may not overpressure in the production run.
3, acid, alkali and other corrosive substances are used in oil refining process, should be strictly in accordance with the conditions of acid, alkali, etc.Such as acids material to store in sealed container, prevent infiltration;Control the alkali concentration and alkaline speed and temperature.
4, in the process of bleaching, using potassium bichromate, bleaching liquor, such as hydrogen peroxide oxidant, must not with flammable, combustible organic acids and readjusting or contact;Need to stay away from fire and heat source: store should be a cool, ventilated, when used to dissolve or diluted with water.
5, desolventizing, mostly adopts vacuum vapor desolventizing, its temperature should be kept at 140 degrees Celsius, is unfavorable and exorbitant, in order to prevent low flash point solvent vapor and air mixture formation in flash fire.
6, the chemicals used in oil refining and reagents should have strict custody storage system, it is strictly prohibited to unknown objects without a label and reagent are mixed or throw, dump.
7, used in oil refining machinery lubrication in time, prevent the lubricating oil.
8, revolving barrel used in the oil refining or foot barrels of oil leakage stoppage time need welding, ladle oil must be removed, transferred to safer places.

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