Prief Introduce of Genetically modified (gm) Oilseeds

Technology News 2015-10-28 16:06:37
 Genes are the basic units of heredity of organisms, is to control biological trait transmission , change, and development of genetic units. It can be said gene is the decision-maker has a wide variety of biological characteristics,is the source of the mystery of life. With the biochemical means people will be a biological cell gene taken out, cutting or recombination in vitro, thenIntroducing another organism living cells, to alter the genetic traits of another organism, or to create a new species of the biological process called genetic engineering, known as a transgene. The so-called transgenic oil, that is, after the transfer of certain genes by biological genetic traits formed is changed oil. So far, soybean and cottonseed is the most important Transgenic oilseeds.
Ordinary soybean oil content is low, generally only about 18%, (Henan huatai soybean oil extraction machine has most advanced technology,can process low oilcontent soybean) scientists have used a biochemical means, will a gene of a high oil content of oilseeds, cut and reassembled by in vitro methods, the introduction of soybean cells,after several generations cultivation and selection, the amount of ordinary soybean oil increased to more than 20%, which is equal to virtually improve Soybean yields, is a work for the benefit of mankind. While also having: resistance to pests. Lodging resistance, low temperature resistance, resistance to drought and other genes be transferred to an organism, it has many advantages.
Transgenic oilseed whether the new genes will adversely affect the human body, is currently the focus of scientists argue, so far inconclusive, the world also have different rules. However, any use of genetically modified oilseed production of oil, it is necessary to display on the label the word gene transfer.

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