How to produce healthy rice bran oil by rice bran oil processing equipment?

Technology News 2015-10-23 15:33:17
 As a good healthy nutrition oil, rice bran oil production and processing by the growing number of oil producers concerned. However, due to rice bran oil processing andProcessing technology complexity to the rapid growth of production capacity has been greatly restricted. Henna huatai rice bran oil production equipment has been sold at home and abroad, for the preparation of rice bran oil .The key technology has been mastered, and in the continuous research and development.
China is the world's largest producer and consumer of rice, rice bran oil is about 18% -20%, which is rich in vitamins and nutrients, long-term consumption of Many diseases are good. However, instability is not easy to store rice bran, rice bran and usually get crude oil has impurities, acid prices, deep color and other characteristics, in order to produce High-quality refined rice bran oil, rice bran oil either in preparation or refining of rice bran, there are great difficulties, the key lies in four points:
1, rice bran stabilization process;
2, rice bran oil deacidification technique;
3, rice bran oil bleaching technology;
4, defatted rice bran oil dewaxing technology.
These four points are the key to the success of the preparation of high-quality refined rice bran oil, as long as the master these techniques for improving the quality of rice bran oil has a great help.With the development of oil industry and technology as well as in-depth understanding of the rice bran oil, it has been studied for these issues to achieve a breakthrough, I plant rice bran oil extractionBangladesh equipment has been warmly welcomed and trust of customers, rice bran oil processing production in the future, we must not only produce high-grade rice bran oil, but also to produce Nutrient content, low content of harmful ingredients highly nutritious rice bran oil.

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