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The Effect of Wheat Moisture Conditioning For Flour Milling Equipment


Wheat moisture conditioning is flour milling equipment process in a very important process.Wheat after water regulation, cortex increased toughness, the inside of the endosperm structure appear loose, cortex, the cohesive strength between the aleurone layer and endosperm decline, is advantageous to the flour processing complete sets of equipment to improve the performance of flour.
Wheat moisture content is too low, not only can make the flour mills suffered losses, there will be broken, wheat cortex fine bran crumbs will be blended into flour, the flour pink dropped, quality time.Wheat moisture content is too high, can make the flour processing complete sets of equipment in the process of milling in products less liquidity, cause screen principle and flow blockage,Affect the normal production of flour, bran in endosperm also shave is not easy to peel and make flour yield decline, affect the powder factory.Finished product, of course, the flour water overweight can also affect the consumer interests, and shorten the flour storage period.Therefore, no matter from improving milling performance and economic benefit, the grinding wheat should have a suitable water.Suitable water tempering on the efficiency of flour processing the production of flour and flour quality has great influence, in the hope that the manufacturers must do a good job in wheat flour moisture adjustment process.
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