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The Purpose and Method of Oil Refining


Oil refining, usually refers to refined crude oil,、the presence of impurities in crude oil, not only affects the edible value and security of oil storage, and bring deep processing difficulties, bear refining, and not to remove all impurities in the oil, but the store to eat, and industrial production, such as harmful impurity removal, such as the gaa, protein, lecithin, mucus, and moisture.Wait for removing, and beneficial impurities, such as vitamins and keep.So according to the different requirements and use, will not need and harmful impurities removed from grease, meet the quality standard of refined oil products, is the purpose of the oil refining.
According to the operating characteristics and the raw materials, oil refining method can be roughly divided into mechanical method, chemical method and physical method.Sometimes use a method, at the same time to produce another kind of refining effect.Alkali refining is a typical chemical method, for example, but the neutralization reaction soapstock can absorb part of the production of pigment, mucus and protein, etc., and separated from oil.Thus, alkali refining,Accompanied by physical and chemical process.
The design of the oil refining process is relatively complex and flexible work, must according to the purpose of oil refining, considering economic benefits and technical conditions, choose suitable crude oil refining method.
oil refining