The pretreatment of Sunflower Oil Production Line

Technology News 2016-05-09 17:31:12
Sunflower oil is a kind of high quality edible oil, known as the "nutrition oil" contains more unsaturated fatty acid and vitamin E, easily absorbed by the body, including linoleic acid content up to 70%, can reduce the body cholesterol。Sunflower seed oil can be used for production of margarine, mayonnaise, salad oil, etc.
Sunflower seeds, in front of the involved must undergo pretreatment process, pretreatment quality will directly affect the normal work and oil yield.Different oilseeds have different pretreatment process, pretreatment of sunflower oil production line mainly include the following items:
1. Clean up.Enters the oil contains some impurities (sand, gravel, iron filings, etc.), if not careful cleaning, can accelerate the oil press internal parts wear and tear, lower yield efficiency, even breakdowns and accidents.Its form a complete set of equipment are: cleaning sieve, removing stone machine, magnetic separator, etc.
2. Shelling.For shell oil, to squeeze after your shell, it can improve the productivity and yield efficiency.Its form a complete set of equipment are: sheller, separating screen, separator, etc.
3. Broken.Monolith some grease to the press, but after crushing, flaking squeeze again, can obviously improve the yield efficiency.Its form a complete set of equipment are: crusher, rolling machine, etc.
4. cooker.Steaming and frying is an important link in improving yield efficiency, the commonly used method is oil wetting first, and then through frying pan dry, make the oil meet the process requirements involved moisture and temperature, and its form a complete set of equipment are: steaming, frying pan, fry seed pot.
5,Pre-pressing.Sunflower seeds into the oil press, oil into the refining workshop, cake into oil extractor.
sunflower oil production line

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