The Process Before Coconut Oil Extraction

Technology News 2016-04-27 15:19:45
 Mature coconut fruit if not timely harvest, stay in the tree will sprout, coconut nutrient loss, especially the quality of the dry coconut (meat) will happen rancidity, free fatty acid increased, which finally impact on the quality of coconut processing products.Therefore, coconut mature need manual picking.Made of mature coconut coconut stem color good, there are brittle and good storage performance.With the mature of coconut palm fruit dry processing of coconut oil is colorless, with the scent of coconut.
For immature coconut, after picking need to deposit a period of time, in order to reduce the moisture, increase oil content, is advantageous to the coconut shell coconut, clothing, and improve the quality of the copra.Coconut primary nutrients concentration in copra, coconut kernel preparation requiresremoval of coconut (outside).Coconut gown method has two kinds of artificial and mechanical.The coconut fruit of scattered and small coconut gown often using artificial method, operation method, will be a sharp point up, lower fixed on the ground, with a knife on hand coconut by downward toward the blade,And turn back and forth a few times, can take off the coconut garments.And then, with a cleaver (ax) carefully split coconut shell, coconut meat.Can also be applied mechanically coconut gown, broken coconut shell coconut.With a fresh coconut shell fragments need dehydration, pulled away from coconut shell to make coconut contraction.Drying methods have dryers (room) and bask in the sun.
Coconut oil is from copra,coconut oil extraction machinery only can process copra not fresh coconut.If you want to build a large coconut oil plant,you can process fresh coconut to coconut oil;If you only need a small or middle coconut oil plant,you can only need the copra oil extraction machinery from copra to coconut oil.Please according to your needs , welcome to consult us.
coconut oil extraction

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