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The Technology of Cottonseed Oil Refining


 In addition to a portion of cottonseed for seed, the rest cottonseed processing by conventional technology, it is screw oil press, pre-press - extraction and other methods, and its products are: cottonseed oil, cotton cake (cottonseed), cotton seed hulls, oil foot (soap) (Sort by value).
Traditional hot press, pre-press and extraction process is that put blank after high temperature steaming and roasting, through press, pre-press machine , pre-pressed cake into oil extractor to extract the remaining cottonseed oil. As a result of the high temperature steaming and roasting, heat press and pre-press processes,the free gossypol with amino acids in proteins binding to form gossypol, so use the traditional trchnology to process cottonseed cake (meal) after cotton oil in combined high levels of gossypol, per kilogram up to several thousand or even tens of thousands of milligrams, and its free gossypol content remains high.
Because cotton cake (meal) contains a large number of binding gossypol and degeneration gossypol , high temperature process makes a lot of pigment solidify, as well as carbohydrates and phospholipids material coking, resulting cottonseed meal was brown, affect the appearance, in feed the amount is limited.Some companies use the low temperature processing method, producing a light brown or yellow product, but if using only the low temperature without phenol removal, free gossypol in mealcontent as high as several thousand first million milligrams per kilogram, can not use for feed.High temperatures also cause a lot of curing red pigment in crude oil, increasing the consumption of materials in oil refining decoloration process, resulting in increased production costs, but also affect the rate of cottonseed oil refining.
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