The Prief Intruduce of Adsorbent In Oil Refining Processing

Technology News 2015-08-25 17:24:16
 Material concentration on phase interface automatically change phenomenon called adsorption.To a certain matter in surface adsorption and reduce their surface energy, at the same time to be able to achieve a practical adsorption capacity of solid substances called adsorbent.Adsorbent for oil decoloring production application is more, different kinds of adsorbent have specific properties because of embody different surface structure.
1, Florex Its main composition is montmorillonite, and mixed with a small amount of calcium, magnesium and other elements.Natural bleaching earth from mining to finish grinding classification, only by physical methods.Its present microporous crystalline or amorphous structure, specific surface area much larger than that of other clay, have a certain activity, but its decoloring coefficient is low, oil absorption rate is high, thus gradually replaced by activated clay.
2, activated clay activated clay with bentonite as raw material, processed into the higher activity sorbent, the most widely used in the oil industry decolorization.Activated clay processing by mining, coarse crushing, acid activation, washing, drying, grinding and sieving processes is made.With acid activation is one of the most important step, acid activation is the structure of montmorillonite with sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid aluminum ion replaced by hydrogen ion to a suitable degree, and dissolution of iron oxide, magnesium oxide, calcium oxide, etc., make pore increases, effectively improve the adsorption decolorizing ability.Activated clay for pigment, especially the chlorophyll and other colloidal impurities, strong adsorption ability of stronger adsorption ability in basic group and polarity radicals.After clay decoloring oil, will remain a little earthy taste, can remove in deodorization process.Use equipment mainly premixed pot, bleaching tower, etc
3, activated carbon activated carbon is made up of sawdust, bagasse, chaff, hard nut shell after carbonization, again through chemical or physical activation treatment.Its main component is carbon, the gap has a loose, specific surface area is big, high coefficient of decoloring, and a hydrophobic, can adsorption of polymer material, for the blue and green pigment removal particularly effective, can trace mineral oil to oil removal of flash.In addition, for gas, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and pesticide residues, have strong ability of adsorption.Due to the expensive, oil absorption rate is higher, often with the bleaching earth or in the operation of the oil decoloring activated clay used together.Mix can obviously increase the decolorizing ability, earthy taste and removal.
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