Which Oil Suitable for physical refining?

Technology News 2015-08-24 17:26:02
 Quality of crude oil and its pretreatment are the premise of physical refining process.Rancid oil due to the destruction of the natural antioxidant,Oxidation intermediate complex and influence the flavor and stability of the products.hydrophilic phospholipids in Crude Oil are the carrier of calcium, magnesium, iron and other metal ions.They exist to cause a decline in product color deepened, transparency, reduce flavor and stability, or even make acid, the deodorization process failure.Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of crude oil and physical refining pretreatment is particularly important.The main equipment is extracting acid tower.
The hydrophilic phospholipid content less than 0.1%, iron content less than 2 PPM of oils and fats, can be dealt by dry degumming method;
The hydrophilic phospholipid content less than 0.5%, iron content less than 2 PPM of grease, require special wet degumming.
If the content of hydrophilic phospholipids in oil and iron content exceed the above requirements, is not suitable for method of physical refining, can only use the refining alkali refining method Crude oil Physical refining pretreatment including degumming and bleaching.For oil with lower colloid ( palm oil and animal fat, not hydrophilic phospholipid content lower than 0.1%, iron ion is lower than 2 PPM oil) pretreatment can put degumming and bleaching combined in the same process.For the hydrophilic phospholipid content below 0.5%, iron content below 2 PPM oil, requires the quenched and tempered by phosphoric acid hydration or special hydration degumming pretreatment and activated clay decoloring two process.The hydrophilic phospholipids and iron ion content exceeds the scope of oil, in principle, unfavorable use physical refining.
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