The Process Technology of Palm Fruit Oil Processing

Technology News 2015-07-31 17:08:27
 The detail process technology of palm fruit oil extraction machine:
1, weighing: transport palm fruit into the oil plant by truck weighing in the first place, to facilitate settlement and after processing cost accounting.
2, unloading palm fruit: FFB across ramp after screening to remove impurities into the conveying machinery and into sterilizer, intermediate process from harvest to sterilizer time shoulds not be too long.
3, sterilizer: FFB into sterilizer cooking in pressurized high temperature , in preparation for the various process after the stage, sterilizer is the patent product of our company,
quality is consistent high praise at home and abroad ,we have many palm oil processing project in the world.
4, stripping palm fruit: FFB in the process of sterilizer be softening, stripping palm fruit machine beat and screening the palm fruit with empty palm fruit bouquet of separation.
5, empty fruit bundle after conveying hoarding to orchard do fertilizer or fuel, can also for other purposes.
6, crushing: palm fruit crushing after cruhser mixing and extruding .
7, extracting palm oil: broken palm fruit by screw extrusion leaching in the palm fruit oil press.
8, fiber separation pie fiber after breaking into the air separation system, will be separated fibre and nuclear.
9, nucleolus separation after kernel with fiber separation and crusher divided into the kernel and shell, and then after pneumatic separation and water separation system will be the kernel and shell, shell as fuel storage after entering the boiler fuel system. Kernel stored after drying.
10, oil clarification crude oil also contains some moisture and impurities, after preliminary cleaning by sand collector and vibrating screen into the vertical settling
tank after mixing and heating into sump oil and boiled oil, boiled oil to the oil storage tank after drying.Dirty oil will be in the treatment of the recovery after desanding systems and centrifugal separation.
palm fruit oil processing machinepalm fruit oil extraction machine

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