Technology of Desolventizing and Toasting System in Oil Extraction Section

Technology News 2015-07-29 17:17:18
 Introducing the desolventizing and toasting system in oil extraction system,Wet meal From the bottom of oil extractor, enter into the preheating layer of DTC desolventizing by wet meal scraper conveyor machine , the bottom of the preheating layer heating with indirect steam , make part of solvent evaporation, temperature of meal is high, this equipment has two layer preheating.Meal after preheating fall into delaminating layer by mechanical automatic door ,the bottom of delaminating layer heating with indirect steam, make the solvent evaporation sequentially,meal temperature rise further, this equipment has one delaminating layer .Meal after delaminating enter into vapor transmission layer from mechanical automatic door , the bottom trepanning of the vapor layer make secondary steam evaporation from direct steam delaminating layer through vapor transmission layer to take off solvent of meal further, heating the material layer by indirect steam from the bottom of vapor transmission layer, , this equipment has one vapor transmission layer.Wet meal after four-layer pre-desolventizing enter into direct steam delaminating layer (high material layer) by mechanical automatic door , direct steam pumped in the bottom of the direct steam steamed delaminating layer, direct steam distillation for the solvent of meal, to remove all solvent, material level of steamed delaminating layer set automaticcontrol level, controlled airtight discharger speed stabilizing by material level.The meal after removing all solvent into dry layer by airtight discharger, bottom of dry layer blowing hot air drying, drying the meal, hot and humid air from the upper of dry layer out and through the cyclone separating ,then remove the meal powder by vent emptying, meal by gravity door into Pulp buried scraper by packing auger, this equipment has one dry layer.Meal in dry layer by mechanical automatic door into the cooling layer, bottom of cooling layer blowing in the cold wind , the meal for cooling, hot and humid air from the upper of cooling layer layer out and through the cyclone separating ,then remove the meal powder by vent emptying,meal by gravity door into Pulp buried scraper by packing auger, and the pulp after cooling to qualified temperature by mechanical automatic door to meal embedded scraper transporter and then into pulp horizontal chain, again by the pulp horizontal chain to meal storehouse to measure and packing.
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