Henan Huatai Unique Exhaust Gas Absorption System of Oil Extraction System

Technology News 2015-07-28 17:36:58
 No-condenser free gas from energy saving condenser go in the final condenser and further condensation recovered solvents, free gas come out from the final condenser into tail gas paraffin absorber tower by the bottom of absorb tower,normal temperature  lean oil from tail gas paraffin absorber tower into the upper, contact and absorb residual solvents across packing layer and exhaust gas countercurrent, residual solvents were completely absorbed treating tail gas out from top of paraffin absorption tower and discharge into the atmosphere  by exhaust fan the flame arrester .Absorbed solvent paraffin oil is called rich oil, by the rich oil pump into the rich and lean oil heat exchanger and rich oil heater, rich oil after heated through the top of paraffin analytic tower into  packing layer, and then through the direct steam  countercurrent steam of the packing layer and the bottom of paraffin parsing to extract residual solvents, solvent gas from top of the paraffin analytic tower  into the atmospheric  condenser for recovered solvents, paraffin oil through the packing layer from top and bottom parsed into the bottom become lean oil.After completion of paraffin oil solvent parsing known as the lean oil, the lean oil  pump into the rich and the lean oil heat exchanger and lean oil cooler, lean oil after cooling  from the  the upper of absorber spray into  paraffin exhaust gas absorption tower for cycle using.
Henan huatai oil extraction system has unique exhaust gas absorption system ensures good absorption effect.

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