The Technology of Palm Oil Refining Processing

Technology News 2015-09-01 17:16:25
Nowdays,consupmtion of palm is more and more,the business of the palce with palm oil production is hot,the hot-selling of palm oil make them life more easy.There,many farms plant palm tree,it is a economic vegetable fro them,you plant them ,the trees will provide you palm fruit for at least 25 years.more and more people do not sell palm fruit to others,they produce palm oil with the help of palm oil processing machine by themselves.But the whole palm oil productionline is expensive,the complete set of palm oil extraction includes: palm fruit pretreatmentand prepressing workshop, palm fruit solvent extraction workshop,crude palm oil refining workshop and palm oil fractionation workshop.
Palm oil is from palm flesh, the fatty acid composition of saturated acid account for 40-50%, 80% of palmitic acid in unsaturated acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid is second,palm oil is rich in vitamin A and vitamin E, with dark brown color.Because palm fruit explode by lipase before harvest and making oil , the influence of processing and storage conditions, free fatty acid content in crude palm oil is higher,more than 30%.Palm oil is rich in carotene (0.05%-0.2%), color with the dark orange red, in general,this kind of pigment cannot be removed effectively by alkali refining, through oxidation can make oil color become yellow .Under the effect of sunlight and air, the palm oil will gradually decoloring.Palm oil, slightly sweet taste, with pleasant violet aromas.
Under the normal temperature of semi-solid, its consistency and melting point depends largely on the content of free fatty acids.The low content of free fatty acids in the international market of palm oil is called soft oil, the oil palm oil is hard of free fatty acid content is higher.
Palm oil refining process is different, its final product also is different, there are two products by palm oil fractionation---liquid palm oil and solid state palm oil.
The refined palm oil refining process flow:
Filtering crude palm oil - preheating - neutralize - standing and sedimentation - separation - washing - dehydration - adsorption decolourization - filter - distillation deodorization - filter - the refined palm oil
Palm oil refining and fractionation process points:
Crude palm oil - degumming - decolorization adsorption - filtration - deacidification and deodorization - filter - cooling crystallization - filter - liquid palm oil and solid state palm oil 
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