Why Peanut Oil Need to Refining?

Technology News 2015-09-07 17:17:22
 As a result of the existence of certain mildew oil, mildew toxins in oil by machine can greatly exceeds bid, such as peanut oil contamination by aflatoxin extremely easily, it contain the yellow aspergillus toxin sometimes as high as 1000-10000 ug/kg.So peanut oil need to be refined and edible.Aflatoxins are highly toxic, toxicity is higher than potassium cyanide, is currently the strongest chemical carcinogens found, carcinogenicity is 900 times than cream yellow , than dimethyl phosphite larger 75 times ability to induce liver cancer.Aflatoxin can reach very high levels in adipose tissue accumulation, showed a strong toxicity.Aflatoxin can inhibit respiration and the coupling of oxidative phosphorylation, is poisonous to the cells of the mitochondria, that was the cause of common biochemical injury of aflatoxin poisoning and commoncause.Poultry consumption by aflatoxin contamination of feed, in edible parts of it and as well as milk will appear the hydroxylation metabolite, acute, subacute or chronic toxic effect.Human aflatoxin contamination of foods and liver cancer incidence increased, many yellow aspergillus toxin can induce liver cancer and hepatitis b virus synergism.
Aflatoxin heat-resistant, under general cooking processing temperature is not easy to damage, cracking occurs when more than 280 degrees Celsius.Its low solubility in water, soluble in oil, and some organic solvents.In alkaline condition, its ester ring was damaged form sodium salt, soluble in water, but the reverse reaction in acidic conditions, restore its toxicity.Yellow aspergillus toxin can be honeylocust, activated clay,activated carbon adsorption, such as by a certain wavelength ultraviolet degradation, in deodorization and other high temperature processing can also be destroyed, as a result, oil after refining can eliminate the toxin.Regulations in our country generally aflatoxin content in edible oil is less than 10 ug/kg, less than 20 ug/kg of peanut oil.
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