The Methods of Rice Bran Extrusion

Technology News 2015-09-11 17:21:25
Rice bran extrusion has two methods: dry puffing and wet expanded .Dry puffing put rice bran from production line for rice milling directly into dry extrusion machine .
Wet extrusion - in the process of rice bran extrusion put a small amount of steam directly into bulking machine to improve the temperature and humidity of extrusion machine within the material.Dry puffing equipment, less investment, simple process, not need to special moisture and temperature regulation for puffed rice bran and puffed after puffing material , but relatively small equipment capacity, power consumption is higher than that of wet extrusion several times, quick wear of parts, and enzymes in rice bran passivation is not complete, usually only suitable for small-scale rice bran oil production.Wet expansion has the advantage of puffing process rice bran cell destruction thoroughly, puffing material mechanical strength, particle size and capacity big, have more space inside, outside surface have more free oil,oil leaching effect is better.
Puffing process of rice bran in solution of lipase, fatty oxidase, phospholipase enzymes such as passivation more thoroughly, makes the leaching MAO oleic acid price is reduce, the content of nonhydratable phospholipids, acid value, slow recovery and storage, leaching oil quality is good.In addition, the introduction of direct steam puffing process, raise the temperature of the rice bran and moisture, make its softening, so that the extrusion machine production, parts wear and tear, lower power consumption, generally in 15 kw. H/t.But after wet puffing material grain moisture content is higher, up to 13-15%, which requires a good dry cooling equipment of puffed materials which can adjust the temperature and moisture, the moisture content down to 5% - 7% for leaching, so the dry puffing technology investment costs.Wet expansion is widely used in large and medium-sized rice bran dip factory process.
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