Corn Starch Machinery

Huatai News 2017-03-14 15:57:55

Corn starch process description:

For obtaining starch from corn , the important thing is to release the starch from the cell structure in particular, without damaging the germ and thus to obtain extracted corn starch with minimum possible fat content.

The main mature process for corn starch production called wet-milling process. The goal of corn wet-milling process is to change corn into its four main components, starch, fiber , germ and gluten, then convert the components into useful products.Average rate for each product

   1)Starch: 63.5-66.5%

   2)Embryo: 5.5-6.5%

   3)Corn steep liquid:5-6 %

   4)Fiber:  11-14%

   5)Protein Powder: 4.5-6%

   6)Recycle rate of Dried product:87.5—97.0 %

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