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What Is the Price of High Quality Rice Bran Oil Machine?


Nowadays, China's hybrid rice technology has been promoted on a large scale, and high grain yield has brought a bumper year for rice to farmers. Rice is not only can solve the problem of eatingeven rice bran can be made into rice bran oil. Rice bran, a by-product obtained from rice processing, is made of rice oil by pressing method and extraction.

Rice oil, also known as rice bran oil, is an oil extracted from rice bran. Because of its high nutritional proportion, the rice bran oil is a healthy edible oil recommended by WHO. Rice bran oil has high nutritional value, it is a healthy and nutritious oil, countries such as Europe, Korea and Japan love for it. It is popular with people of high blood fat and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which make rice bran oil become the daily healthy edible oil of many families.

There are health benefits of rice bran oil. Rice bran oil is a nutrient-rich vegetable oil, therefore, it has many magical effects. Rice bran oil is the heart-friendly oil helping lower cholesterol, Rich in Vitamin E which certainly is good for your health.

The product of Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery Co.,Ltd, Rice Bran Oil Molecular Distillation and Refining Equipment ,is our new process for rice bran oil refining aspects of development in recent years, mainly for rice bran acid value and color, by liquid-liquid separation techniques. Our product won a number of national patents in rice bran oil production line, rice bran extrusion processing technology and complete set of rice bran level of oil refining equipment is our patent product. We can customize the machine according to customers' needs, for further information, please contact us.