The fully automatic intelligent hydraulic oil press

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Edible oil is one of the most important basic necessities of life, with the decline in vegetable oil production in recent years, insufficient supply of raw materials, and the backwardness of oil pressing machinery and equipment, one of the important reasons restricting the output and high quality of edible oil. So far, the pressing method and the extracting method are the main oil production processes. That is, after the first continuous screw press was produced in the United States in 1900, the oil production method changed from the traditional batch type to the continuous type. In order to improve production efficiency and increase production, it is essential to vigorously develop oil presses.
Patented product of Henan Huatai Cereals And Oils Machinery Co., Ltd. under Henan Huatai intelligent equipment group: the fully automatic intelligent hydraulic oil pressing equipment (Patent No.: ZL 2016 2 0968760.6)- the fully automatic control intelligent hydraulic oil press realizes the continuous production operation of automatic feeding, pressing, pressure maintaining, cake unloading, cake discharging, oil discharging and oil pumping. It has the advantages of continuous production, high degree of automation, simple structure, convenient operation, high oil yield and low cost.

The working principle is as follows:
The material is lifted into the storage box by the elevator of the feeding auxiliary machine, and slowly opened to the right through the upper sealing diaphragm to fill each pressing cavity.
Pressing and pressure maintaining:
During pressing, the upper sealing diaphragm is slowly moved to the leftmost end of the press cylinder to the left, the feed inlet is closed, the piston of ultra-high pressure double stroke hydraulic cylinder is pushed to the left, the pressing diaphragm moves together with the material, and after reaching a certain pressure, the pressure is controlled and the pressure holding time is adjustable.
cake unloading, cake discharging:
When the pressure maintaining is up, the press push plate moves to the right, while the lower sealing partition and side plates move to the right. The cake between the press partition and the press partition moves to the right along the guide column, and the pressure between the press partitions loses pressure. Later, due to the action of gravity, the cake will automatically fall down and enter the scraper conveyor of the discharging auxiliary machine, and then the scraper conveyor of the discharging auxiliary machine will transport the cake away.
During cake unloading, the pressing push plate moves to the right, and the pressing diaphragm moves to the right with the pressing push plate by relying on the steel chain between them until it moves to the position where the pressing starts. At the same time, the lower sealing diaphragm and the side plate move to the left until they return to the position when feeding. At this point, a pressing process is completed.
oil discharging and oil pumping:
During the pressing, the press oil enters the press baffle through the stainless steel fixed frame mesh plate on the outer surface of the press baffle. There is a diversion groove inside the press baffle. The oil flows out from the bottom of the press baffle and enters the oil through the lower sealing baffle. The disc, then enters the temporary storage box through the metal hose for temporary storage, and when it reaches a certain amount, it is pumped away by the gear pump.
Compared with the existing technology, the oil press has the following advantages:
1. Through the PLC control system, the hydraulic oil press has been fully automated, intelligent, and continuous production (including feeding, pressing, pressure maintaining, cake unloading, cake discharging, resetting, oil discharging, oil pumping, etc.).
2.The ultra-high pressure double stroke hydraulic cylinder is adopted to realize the Trinity function of automatic pressing (pressure maintaining), cake unloading and automatic reset of diaphragm.
3. The press cylinder structure adopts tenon groove type, which can not only ensure the requirements of strength and stiffness, but also facilitate disassembly and maintenance.
4. The structure of the press cylinder adopts trapezoidal shape, and the upper and lower sealing partitions and the plates on both sides can move freely around, which is more conducive to automatic unloading of cake.
5. the use of multiple press cavity, is conducive to improve the squeeze oil rate, shorten the squeeze time, and raise production efficiency.
6. The use of double-layer diversion baffles shortens the oil circuit and oil output time, reduces the residual oil in the cake, and improves the production efficiency.
7. The two sides of the press partition are laid with fixed frame mesh plates, which saves the trouble of traditional cakes and avoids the blocking of the filter holes of the partition.

Patent name: A fully automatic control intelligent hydraulic oil pressing equipment
Patent No.: ZL 2016 2 0968760.6

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