How to choose palm oil machine production line manufacturers?

Huatai News 2023-07-20 16:02:00
 Palm is a perennial oil crop growing in tropical areas, with the advantages of high yield and low cost.Palm oil is currently one of the largest vegetable oils produced and consumed in the world, and is widely used in bulk food processing, edible cooking and biodiesel production.Huatai Intelligent Equipment Group has obtained 9 national patents in palm oil production equipment. They are palm fruit vertical sterilization tank (ZL 2016 2 0745156.7), palm fruit shaftless drum type thresher (ZL 2018 2 1627204.8), a complete set of palm oil production equipment (ZL 2019 2 0866343.4), palm oil sand removal cyclone device (ZL 2019 2 0866342.X), automatic control of palm fruit vertical sterilization tank (ZL 2019 2 0866341.5), a special palm fruit oil press (ZL 2020 2 0239333.0), a complete set of palm fruit dry-type threshing equipment (ZL 2019 2 0866320.3), a palm fruit oil press (ZL 2020 2 2421126.X), a palm kernel crusher (ZL 2020 2 2421113.2), etc.
Huatai can manufacture 10-35m³vertical sterilizing tank, 2.7m diameter horizontal sterilizing tank, 2.4m to 2.7m diameter chain horizontal sterilizing tank and inclined sterilizing tank. In the automatic control of sterilizing tank: automatic control of palm fruit vertical sterilizing tank (ZL 2019 2 0866341.5), the design idea is novel and unique, safety and reliable, save steam consumption, automatic sterilizing process control system, save labor, ensure the material sterilizing effect, the system runs smoothly.
5-30TPH shaftless fruit thresher, shaftless fruit thresher has lower cost than regular fruit thresher, stable operation, improve fruit extraction efficiency.

Huatai patented products palm fruit oil press, processing capacity 2-20TPH, this series of products are fully controlled by PLC, hydraulic system controls the cake discharge, effectively reduce the residual oil in the cake and nuclear crushing rate, spiral body and press cage have high strength and long service life, the equipment can work steadily.

"Our company strictly tests every process and never allows any defective equipment to enter the market." Henan Huatai Intelligent Equipment Group secretary of the party committee, general manager Yan Bo said. It is precisely because Huatai always insists on being responsible to customers and responsible to the society, taking customer requirements as the direction of efforts, providing customers with first-class products, high-quality technical guidance and tracking services in an all-round way, so it has won the praise of customers, and is willing to cooperate with Huatai.

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