Henan Huatai 600T Cold Pressed Walnut Oil Extraction Machine Pass Customer Acceptance

Huatai News 2015-07-23 17:25:15
On July 15, 2015, henan huatai 600T cold pressed walnut oil extraction machine through the acceptance of sanmenxia huayang food co., LTD.The project contract was signed on January 26 of this year, on May 5, huayang company extracted the project equipment.
Henan huatai cereals and oil machinery co., LTD. Is a collection of r &d, design, manufacture, installation and training as one of the large grain and oil machinery manufacturing enterprise, belongs to the leading enterprise of grain and oil machinery, national high-tech enterprise.The company has developed series of rice bran oil processing equipment,cottonseed protein dephenolization equipment,etc.all in a leading position in the industry at home and abroad .We supply huayang processing 600T cold pressed walnut oil extraction machine ,including hydraulic cold press section, tempering screw press section, filter section, walnut oil refining section, walnut oil dewaxing and frozen section and heat conduction oil furnace heating system .During the negotiation period of equipment project , henan huatai provides the high quality service, got customer satisfaction. When production equipment, henan huatai are high standard and strict for the drawing design, raw materials used, equipment manufacture and factory acceptance , produced a high content of science and technology, energy conservation, environmental protection, quality excellent equipment for huayang company.
The sanmenxia huayang food co., LTD is a deep processing of agricultural products and export as the core of agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, mainly engaged in walnut industry, edible fungi, etc. and production and processing, is the only company in henan province walnut meat processing and import and export enterprises.Company annual processing production capacity of 1000 tons walnuts, its processing capacity, echnical level,product quality among the same industry. 

cold press walnut oil extraction machinecold pressed walnut oil extraction machine

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