Congratulations to Henan Huatai

Huatai News 2018-04-26 09:36:12
Congratulations to Henan Huatai Environmental Protection Co., Ltd
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Recently, a good news came from the Hua County Public Resource Trading Center. Huatai Machinery Co., Ltd. won the bid for the construction of a new ward building sewage treatment project for the Huai County Central Hospital. This is another project contract for Huatai Machinery to expand the environmental protection professional sector.
Huatai Machinery established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Henan Huatai Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. in December 2016. Huatai Environmental Protection is a high-tech environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacture and installation. The company has established technical cooperation relationship with many domestic universities and research institutes, researched and developed industrial wastewater treatment technologies, successfully applied zero discharge of industrial waste water from cellulose industry, resin industry and coal chemical industry, and possessed multi-effect evaporation crystallization, MVR evaporation and crystallization engineering core Technology, with new energy-saving, high-efficiency, non-fouling, easy-to-clean new environmentally friendly evaporator technology. The
Henan Huatai Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. Although it has not been established for a long time, it has made great achievements. The effective contractual orders are over 100 million yuan. Last year, the company signed a procurement and installation project for the production of calcium chloride effluent evaporation and crystallizing equipment with Xiangxi, Xinjiang, and signed a complete set of resin wastewater treatment equipment with Hebi Hagrid. On April 14, the customer technical person in charge of the Xinjiang project went to Huatai to produce on-site inspection and acceptance equipment production materials, strictly to the extent that the batch number of each batch of steel was consistent with the material list. Whether the steel sheet thickness was within the scope of the national standard, check the lot number of each batch of GB9948 used. And the corresponding number, pipe diameter and thickness, etc., although strict acceptance, but Huatai Machinery successfully passed the customer acceptance.
We are proud of such professional and responsible customers. Huatai Machinery welcomes all customer supervision and guidance, and will continue to adhere to the strict inspection of each process, and does not allow any indiscriminate product to flow into the market, with high standards and strict requirements. The customer produces qualified and satisfactory equipment. 

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