Corn oil dewaxing technology and advantages

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About corn oil
The main fatty acid of corn oil is linoleic acid and oleic acid which have good curative effect on the treatment of senile common diseases such as hyperlipemia and coronary heart disease, and also an excellent source of EFA. Therefore, corn oil is a vegetable oil with high nutritional value. At present, there are dozens of the most nutritious and healthy vegetable oils in the world, and only corn germ oil and sunflower oil are commercially valuable. In the European and American markets, corn germ oil and sunflower oil are called “nutritive vegetable oils”, while bulk oils such as soybean oil, rapeseed oil and cottonseed oil are called “common vegetable oils”. The commercial price of “nutritional vegetable oil” is generally 30-40% higher than that of “common vegetable oil”.

Characteristics of corn oil
Because the wax content of corn oil is relatively low, generally between 0.6 and 1%, the traditional long-term crystallizing and crystal dewaxing process is adopted, and the crystal is difficult to form and grow, which not only has large energy consumption, but also has low dewaxing efficiency. Neutral oil loss is also relatively large, the product quality is poor, and there is turbidity in long-term storage, which is not conducive to small packaging of products. Based on the characteristics of corn oil dewaxing process, our company developed a new process for rapid crystallization and dewaxing of corn germ oil.

Advantages of the new dewaxing technology

● High oil quality
The salad oil produced by this process not only meets the national standard 5.5-hour winterization test standard, but also meets the 11-hour winterization test standard of European and American dewaxed oil.
● Eergy-saving
The traditional dewaxing process not only requires equipment to be cooled, but also requires refrigeration of the entire dewaxing environment, so energy consumption is very large, especially in the southern part of the hot climate, the processing cost will be greater. The process developed by our company only needs to refrigerate the refrigeration equipment, and at the same time strengthen the heat exchange of the hot and cold oil, which greatly saves energy consumption and reduces production costs accordingly.
● Less investment:
The traditional dewaxing process requires a large amount of crystallization and crystal raising equipment, and the filtration area is relatively large, and the investment cost is high. The rapid dewaxing process developed by our company has greatly reduced the investment in fixed assets.


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