Henan Huatai Singed The Deal With Peru IGASA On 150TPD Continuous Physical Oil Refining Equipment Project

Huatai News 2016-06-08 16:45:02
On June 6th, 2016, Henan Huatai Cereals and oils machinery co., LTD. Signed a deal with Peru IGASA 150 tons of the continuous physical oil refining equipment project into effect, in the process of contract, through the efforts of the business managers and engineers cooperate with perfect, to provide customers comprehensive high quality service, is deep the customer satisfaction.Signing its success not only is one kind of affirmation of henan huatai company, will inject new vitality for Peru's ng and company development.
In order to meet the growing market demand, and actively expand the production scale, Peru, ng and the company decided to invest in the introduction of nissan 150 tons of the continuous physical refining equipment, this is the third time in Peru company cooperate with henan huatai, choosing Henan Huatai Creals and Oils Machinery Co.,LTD------The leader in the field of grain and oil machinery in China, national high-tech enterprises, the new three board listed company.
"We choose henan huatai company and buy complete sets of equipment, because the company is set research and development, design, manufacture, installation in one of the large grain and oil machinery manufacturing enterprises, attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, the production of food machine equipment with unique technology advantages, high technology content, energy conservation, environmental protection, excellent quality,In the leading position in the same industry at home and abroad, safe to use and favored by the market."When asked about why the order henan huatai company equipment, Peru, ng and company officials said.
As a leader in the field of food machine in China, henan huatai company has developed into China's most complete qualification, oil machinery manufacturing enterprise of large scale, and become the cofco, shuanghui group, west king group, Shanghai golden monkey group, the Swedish alfa laval, France Louis dreyfus companies such as well-known enterprises at home and abroad of equipment suppliers.
In order to better product to market, win the market, henan huatai company strive to build service brand, provide life-long free services to our customers.Down the line from the device, the device installation and debugging qualified, until customer satisfaction.
"' development with science and technology innovation, strives for the survival by the quality of the products' this is our company always adheres to the principle. We will be strict inspection for each working procedure, do not allow any defects to the market."China cereals, oils and grease branch, vice secretary general, CPPCC member of henan province, henan huatai company chairman said.
"Peru IGASA 150 tons of the continuous physical oil refining equipment by henan huatai company will be responsible for all the way, from the drawing design, equipment manufacture, factory acceptance, installation commissioning and after-sales service and so on the corresponding link, huatai company technical personnel to high standard, strict, for Peru's ng satisfactory equipment and company production".
At present, the set of equipment have started to production and manufacturing, is expected to shipment before the end of August 2016.

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