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Traditional technology of rice bran oil extraction machine mainly includes:cleaning---drying----expeller oil---oil refining.
its output is low,it make more loss for heat energy and rice bran oil.Because of the specificity of rice bran,before extracting rice bran oil,we should
puffing the rice bran,then extracting rice bran by oil extractor,it can remove the rice bran oil up to 99%.it is our patent product.
rice bran oil has rich in nutrition,but it also contains some toxin, substance,so if we want it to reach edible standard,we need to use the best one grade rice bran oil refining plant.our company have got national patent certification for first grade rice bran oil refining plant.
After improvement of rice bran oil extraction machine,its main includes:cleaning----extrusion----drying---pre-pressing----solvent extraction----deacidification----degumming----decoloration----dewaxing----winterization----filling.

Basic process of extracting crude rice bran oil: rice bran ---- cleaning --- puffing----drying---pre-press---solvent extraction---mixed oil evaporation----steam stripping----wet meal desolventizing---crude rice bran oil.
Raw material rice bran contains a small amount of broken rice and impurities, filtered to remove the broken rice, expansion section is the most important in rice bran pretreatment, first rice bran puffing drying, to enter pre-pressing machine, Pre-press expeller and rice bran oil press are different, pre-pressing machine extract only 70% oil from rice bran, oil mill one-off squeeze out all of the oil.after getting pre-pressed cake, cake into oil extractor, we get Mixed oil from oil extractor, make use of the characteristics of non-volatile about rice bran oil, mixed oil evaporation, which contains a small amount of solvent, and then using the stripper desolventizing, from here get crude rice bran oil
without solvent. 

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