what is the process of sesame oil refining?

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On December 25, 2023, the 10TPD sesame oil refining equipment contracted by Huatai Group was shipped to Brazil.

sesame oil refining

Sesame is a nutrient-rich food. It contains about 20% high-quality protein and is one of the important sources of plant-based protein. Not only that, the oil content of sesame seeds can reach more than 55%, so it is also one of the main oil crops in my country. Since ancient times, various foods and delicacies made from sesame seeds and sesame oil have been widely spread. So how are sesame seeds refined into sesame oil? According to the production process, sesame oil can be divided into finely ground sesame oil, pressed sesame oil and extracted sesame oil.

Today Huatai Oil Machinery will introduce the extraction of sesame oil. In order to retain the flavor and nutrition of sesame oil, most oil factories will use the first two processes to produce sesame oil. However, the residual oil rate in the cake after pressing the sesame oil is quite high, which not only affects the quality of the cake, but is also a resource for the oil factory. Therefore, in order to increase the oil yield, oil plants with larger output can use extraction equipment to extract the remaining oil in sesame cakes. The oil production process of the extraction method is to fully contact the solvent with the oil in the extraction device, dissolve the grease in the oil to obtain mixed oil, and then recover the solvent through evaporation, desolvation, condensation and other processes to obtain extracted sesame oil.

In addition to impurities, extracted sesame oil also contains extraction solvent residues. The processing of sesame oil stage requires a series of refining processes such as decolorization and deodorization of sesame oil. Refining oil equipment needs to be used to remove impurities, solvent residues, harmful substances and other effects in the oil. It can only be eaten after removing impurities from the oil.

The refining and processing process of sesame oil is as follows:

Extracted sesame crude oil degumming and neutralization section decolorization section deodorization section dewaxing section.

1. The degumming process uses the principle of hydrophilicity of peptized impurities. By adding an appropriate amount of electrolyte aqueous solution to sesame crude oil, it absorbs water and condenses, and then performs precipitation. And separation to remove the peptidized phospholipids, proteins, etc. in the crude oil. Impurity removal.

2. The deacidification step is to separate the free fatty acids in the crude oil and reduce the acid value of the oil. Using the principle of acid-base neutralization, an appropriate amount of alkali is added to the crude oil to react, producing fatty acid salts and water, and the soapstock is separated from the grease under the action of centrifugal separation.

3. The decolorization process mainly removes pigments from sesame oil through adsorption, chemical reaction and other methods to improve the color and transparency of the oil.

4. The deodorization process uses adsorption, distillation and other methods to remove odors from the oil to improve the taste and quality of sesame oil.

5. Dewaxing is an indispensable process for producing sesame oil. The wax in vegetable oil comes from raw materials.

These waxes cannot be absorbed by the human body, and at low temperatures, they will also cause the edible oil to become turbid and solidified, affecting the edible oil. Therefore, the main purpose of dewaxing is to separate the oil and wax through filtration after crystallizing and cultivating the wax at low temperature.

In the edible oil processing industry, oil refining equipment is one of the important equipment to ensure the quality and safety of edible oil. It has the advantages of high degree of automation, easy operation, strong processing capacity, and good processing effect. In order to ensure the normal operation and use of the equipment, oil plants need to perform regular maintenance and upkeep on the equipment, and at the same time conduct quality testing and control of the processed grease to ensure that it meets relevant standards.

The advantages of the extraction process are high efficiency, large output, low residual oil rate of the cake after extraction, and high sesame oil yield. However, the extracted sesame oil must be refined before it can be eaten. The flavor and nutrition are not as good as the first two production methods.

Therefore, the extracted sesame oil is used most of the raw materials are pressed or pre-pressed sesame cakes, which can effectively increase the oil yield and create more profits for the oil factory.The investment in oil machinery and equipment is high, and there are requirements for the production environment and safety of oil plants. Huatai oil machinery has strong strength, reliable quality, perfect services, and affordable prices. Warmly welcome to consult and purchase, we will provide you with high-quality services.

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