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 On the morning of 17th June, 2017, the cereals and oils food processing factory manager team of the developing countries came to visit Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery co.,LTD for mainly inspection, they came to our company for the theme "improve the level of grain and oil food processing technology, ensure national food security". The team was made up by 44 mambers from more than 12 countries which includes Pakistan, Zimbabwe, south Sudan, Rwanda, Laos, Samoa, South Africa, Ethiopia, Panama, Colombia, Nepal, Vanuatu and so on.
With the accompany of our deputy general manager Zhang Guofu,Yan Zidang,Xue Jinfeng, Yan Feng and the international division general manager Zhang Ran, the delegation visited our equipment workshop.Through this visiting, they not only had a lot of harvest in the field of professional, but also expanded in the field of cooperation and communication.They expressed affirmation and admiration for Huatai Machineryand we had a good foundation for future cooperation.
Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery co., Ltd achiving a great development in Bangladesh Cooking oil machinery Market. Day by Day Increasing new projects and new customers with a strong technology and process. If anyone wants to set-up a edible oil industry pls contact with us. email to