Machine for Isolated Soy Protein and Process

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Isolated soybean proteins, or soybean protein isolates as they are also called, are the most concentrated form of commercially available soybean protein products. They contain over 90% protein, on a moisture free basis.Henan Huatai oil machine is a full service custom Protein machine manufacturer.

isolated soy protein process: 

protein making machinery

Quality of soy protein: 

1 finished soy protein powder moisture:                 10% or less;

2 finished soy protein powder residue solvent:      500 mg/kg or less (detonation test);

3 finished carbohydrate dense residual solvent:    100 mg/kg or less (detonation test); 

4 carbohydrate dense solid impurity content:        0.5% or less:

5 Soy protein powder dry base protein content:   65% or higher. 

Consumption Indicators of Defatted Soy Protein Flour Production Line  :

1. The steam workshop: 3 t/t or less soybean meal (8 to 10 kilograms of saturated steam and superheated steam slightly more);

2. The plant power consumption: 280 KWH/h or less soybean meal;

3. The workshop water consumption: 1.1 t/t or less low temperature soybean meal;

4. The CIP cleaning alkali: 50 kg/month

5. Compressed air: 6 kg or more, the consumption of 3.5 Nm3 / min.

6. Alcohol consumption: 13 kg/t or less large soybean meal;

7. Antifoaming agent consumption: 15 kg/day. 

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