Cottonseed oil press machine and problems during oil pressing

Technology News 2019-06-24 10:50:54
Depiled cottonseed--cleaning--shelling--separating shell (with no more than 0.5% kernel) kernel (with shell not more than 6%)--softening--rolling embryo--steaming--squeezing

Operating instructions: cottonseed oil content is about 15-25%, while cottonseed kernel content is about 35%, cotton kernel oil content is as high as 32-46%. After cottonseed is removed from short velvet, it can be cleaned and peeled off. The shell content is 6%, then softened with water to make the water 10-12%. Then the mill is ground, and the steamed wok is steamed and fried to make the oil content 1.5%-2.5% and the temperature reaches 125-130. Around the degree, you can boot into the squeeze. Cottonseed is generally cold pressed, cold pressed can remove cottonseed from the short velvet, clean up and remove impurities, so that it contains no more than 0.5%, you can enter the oil press for pressing. The moisture content is the key factor affecting the oil extraction rate of the oil press. Generally, the moisture content of the cottonseed before pressing is controlled to 4-6%. The test method is as follows: the bite of the cottonseed kernel is separated by a tooth, and the sound of the shell is sounded, and if it is flat, it is too wet, and if the shell is broken into powder, it is too dry. Judging from the current status of the pressing process, the moisture content of the oil is determined. When the cake is broken into powder, the cottonseed is dried, and the cottonseed does not enter the pressing and does not eat, and the cottonseed has a large moisture content.

Probable problems:
1. A large amount of oil enters the hopper. At this time, the oil discharge gap should be adjusted to increase the oil discharge gap and the flow oil is unblocked.
2, The feeding cake is not smooth, some oil presses may not work well when used. The press is not only the case, especially when pressing cottonseed. The above situation should be carried out according to the instructions. Sometimes the discharge is not smooth, because the cottonseed has a large moisture content. At this time, the moisture of the oil should be adjusted.

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