Factors Affecting Oil Yield during solvent extraction and pressing

Technology News 2019-07-03 09:36:49
 1.Impurity moisture. Some impurities will be mixed in the process of oil harvesting, transportation and storage. Most of these impurities do not contain oil. In the preparation of oil, not only oil is not produced, but the quantitative oil is adsorbed in the cake and crucible, so that the oil yield is reduced. Therefore, before the oil processing, the oil can be effectively cleaned and removed, which can reduce the loss of oil and improve the oil yield.

2. The moisture of the rapeseed also has a greater impact on the oil yield. For example, when pressing soybean oil, the moisture of soybeans before crushing should be appropriate. If the water is too high, it will not be broken, sometimes it will be crushed and agglomerated, and oil will be produced in the crushing section, thus reducing the oil yield. The moisture is too low, the powder is too large, and the particle size is not uniform, which also causes a low oil yield. Another example is cottonseed. If the moisture is too high, it will increase the rate of whole kernels when it is peeled off. If the moisture is too low, the shell is more brittle, although it is easy to peel but the powder is increased. When the shell is separated, it will cause too much shell in the kernel. Because of the oil absorption of the shell, the oil is lost, or the shell contains kernels. The increase leads to unnecessary waste of grease, so the moisture of the raw material has an important influence on the oil yield.

3. Maturity degree of rapeseed. The maturity of the oil directly affects the oil content of the oil itself. The maturity of the grain is good, the fullness is large, and the 1000-grain is significant. The higher the oil-bearing rate, the better the shelling section, and the kernels in the kernel and the shell can be effectively obtained. Control, the oil content of the oil itself can get the maximum release, improve the oil yield. On the contrary, it is not easy to peel the shell, resulting in loss of grease.

4. The advanced nature of the equipment and the technical level of the personnel affect the oil yield. The introduced equipment did not achieve the desired effect, so that the oil was brought into the by-products such as shells or crucibles to reduce the oil yield. In addition, the technical level of personnel is also extremely important. If the performance of the equipment is not fully understood, the familiarity of the processing process of different oil materials is not enough, and the operation is not standardized, which will cause loss of oil.

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