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Technology news

The maintenance of wheat flour mill


Only regular maintenance on wheat flour mill, can we longer the lifetime of machine and improve economic benefit.

First of all, the transmission part of the mill is rolling bearings. The maintenance here is to insist on timing lubrication and ensure the service life of the bearing.

For small mills, the feeding is basically manual. More and less is not good for machine because too much feeding will cause the mill to block the material, affecting normal operation, then resulting in reduced production. Many customers often ask why the mill output is low? That is the reason.

It must be noted that the work principle is power is made by close contact, and the extrusion grinding of grinding roller and the grinding ring. Since the metal is in contact with the metal, there is no metal in the body, otherwise the grinding roller and the grinding machine may be damaged. Rings and other components. Why did the grinding roller break in just a few days? This is the reason, especially the screw cannot be dropped.

Huatai wheat flour mill can be adjusted for fineness. The fineness of the finished product is adjusted according to the size, hardness and moisture of the material. The speed is high and fine, and the low speed is low. Of course, it corresponds to That is, the fineness is increased, the output is lowered, and when the rated demand is not met, the fan speed can be adjusted.

When it comes to fan regulation, it is known to adjust the air volume of the mill fan, then where is the adjustment? There is an air volume control valve in the air intake pipe of the fan, which is generally open to the maximum. In the place where the exhaust pipe of the exhaust pipe is discarded, this should be adjusted slowly, and it is adjusted to the inlet without dust spray. Be sure to pay attention to it.